Dell ControlPoint System Manager

Dell ControlPoint System Manager 9.0

It contains the functionality previously included in the QuickSet application
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The System Manager, is the main part of Dell´s Controlpoint application bundle, it contains the functionality previously included in the Dell QuickSet application.
The user interface does not have a System Manager button. These functions are handled separately as Power and Display and Devces. There is also a Tablet Manager (with its associated Tablet button) for use with the Latitude XT and later Tablet models from Dell.
The Power Settings module provides a complete set of tools for power management configuration, alert capabilities, and sleep modes.
Rolling over the Power Settings button displays the Power settings overview where the user can choose the power scheme, view the battery status and active power saving features, and launch the DCP power settings, Power Management Wizard, Power Scheme creation, and Battery Life extension settings.
The Display & Devices module provides a variety of configurable settings for your display as well as other devices attached or installed with your system. Some key configurable features include the ambient light sensor (ALS) and keyboard backlighting capabilities. Version 1.5 adds access to webcam software if installed.
Tablet PCs like the Latitude XT have a number of settings particular to the tablet form-factor, for example, pen input configuration rotating display settings.

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  • Replaces and Enhances Dell Quickset Functions
  • Small and quick download
  • ts compatible with previous TPM enabled Latitude series


  • Bigger filesize compared to Dell Quickset, which offers almost same functionalities
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